måndag 2 december 2013

candlelight delight!

It´s time to count down for Christmas. 
Every year we are celebrating advent, and light candles each Sunday before Christmas eve.

This year I wanted to make something beautiful that would work as a regular decoration even after Christmas.
I made me a candlelight saucer.
I made it using a cheap terracotta saucer and a terracotta pot, and glued it together with a glue-gun.

After that I added some different colors of Martha Stewart satin paints, crackle effect, and texture effect paint, and covered it with gesso.
When it was all dry, I added some distress ink and stamps... 

To make the surface less fragile, I added some glossy varnish as a seal coat. 
Before I started adding plants to the saucer I actually put down some foil at the bottom, to protect the saucer from getting ruined by damp plants. 

Now I have a beautiful centerpiece at my dining table the entire holiday.

Always remember to never leave burning candles unattended, and always always blow them out before leaving the room!

Materials used:
Martha Stewart -White Texture Effect
Martha Stewart Satin paint- 32123 Aquarium
Martha Stewart Metallic-32103 gold
Martha Stewart -Gesso Primer
Martha Stewart- Weather Crackle Effect

Terracotta saucer and pot
plants and rocks 
glossy Varnish

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  1. Åh, så SUPERsnyggt!! Detta skulle jag lätt kunna ha i mitt hem - så fint! :D



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