måndag 21 oktober 2013

Be creative with Prima

Yesterday I was privileged to attend a wonderful class with the Prima educator Anna Dabrowska from Poland.
 (Photo taken by Sofia Chalias)

The class was called Steam-punk Baroque, and it was a classed filled with those things really significant for a LO by Anna, like metals, flowers, colors and mists.
Ana was such a fun loving person, with loads of tips and tricks about how to get going in a creative rut. And I learned a lot, and got loads of inspiration.

Materials I used during the class was:

Prima weneer #569860
Prima Mechanicals #961053
Prima Vintage trinkets #960322
Prima mechanicals #961039
Prima Flower Bel canto #562113
Prima Engraver metal trinkets 563554
Prima Junkyard findings#891626
Prima vintage mechanics 960261
Primva vintage Mechanics roses 960339
Prima Marketing star stencil 12x12 960469
Prima Shabby Chic treasures  resin #890766
Prima Comfort tool #890940
Marianne Design Paper roses RB2214

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