måndag 12 augusti 2013

Let there be light!

Did you know you can make these pretty candle holders all by yourself? And its really easy!
These are a pair of wooden candle holders that I found at a flea market. Probably made by a kid in a woodwork class in late 70´s according to the date written at the bottom of the holders. I loved the shape... but the where not that pretty to begin with.....

So what do you need? Well a pair of candle holders that you like that you don´t like the color of anymore that could use a bit of shabby treatment.

Use a fine sandpaper to make a smooth finish to the wood before you start just to get a nice base, and to make the layers stick properly.

Use the Martha Stewart Gesso as a primer.

Add a Color of your choice... I have used the gold metallic.

when the layer are completely dry... add a layer of Crackle Effect. let it dry completely and add a second color layer. I have used the Jet Stream 32121 and Aquarium 32123
when the color had dried over night I used the sandpaper again.. to roughen up the look a bit more. and to get a smooth surface.  then I added a second layer of crackle effect and let it dry completely.

When all the layers was dry, I used gesso as the top coat, getting the crackles to show multiple layers of colour. And as a finnishing touch I used a Chestnut inkpad CL71408 and a stamp to add some texture. Since the inkpad isn´t waterresistant I added a coat of glossy varnish to protect my new beautiful candle holders. 

Materials used:
MSC Gesso 
MSC Weather Crackle Effect
MSC Metallic Gold 32103
MSC Metallic Yellow Gold 32105
MSC Pearl  Jet Stream 32121 
MSC Pearl Aquarium 32123

Cling Stamp TimHoltz
Wooden Candle holder
Glossy Varnish spray

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