måndag 22 juli 2013

Martha Stewart Crafts Circle edge punch

The other day I got a beautiful package with loads of new DT stuff. and one of the items was the Martha Stewart Circle edge punch Starter set. 
With this fun gadget i can make my own doilies in a various of sizes from 6" to 12" radius.

The set contains 1 base, 1 knob, 1 cartridge sleeve and 1 doily punch cartridge with metal base-plate. 

Start by inserting the base punch plate in to the sleeve.

Cut a sheet of cardstock or patterned paper a bit larger than the size you have chosen for the doily. Mark the center of the paper.

put the grid that you see inside the knob right on top of the center, and attach it to the base. The knob has strong magnets so the attachment is easy.

put the punch on top and press.. lift the punch and rotate the paper during the process until you are finished.

when you are done you have this lovely paper lace doily to use on any project you want.

I will show what I made with this doily in an other blog-post.

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