måndag 24 juni 2013

Romantique vintage!

Hi !
I have such a faiblesse for vintage clothing and hairdos, and fortunately my daughter with her long blond hair loves me making her all these fun hairdos and hairstyles.
This time I wanted to make me a fun and vintage-style hairpin for myself.. but its hard to take photos of your own hair... so I asked my daughter to be my stand-in.

lovely isn´t it? It would be perfect for a vintage bride or a wedding-reception.

And how about a matching hairpiece for the little bridesmaids?
here you can see the flowers original colour :)

If you have a short hairstyle perhaps a corsage would fit you better?

To make these beautiful hairpins all you need is a Prima flower, cheese cloth, tulle and some leftover feathers from easter :)

I started by choosing a flower about the size I wanted.. my flowers where beige and yellow as you can see at the bridesmaid hairclip.. so I added some Adirondack colorwash... to one of them ( my fingers are now a bit green)
I dried it up with my heat-gun, trashed some cheesecloth and leftover tulle from my daughters ballerina tutus... and added some feathers I found in the Easter decoration box.
the tulle, cloth and feathers i sewn together with my sewing-machine... and when those where secured, I sewed the flower on top. before I glued the centerpiece back on the flower. 
I added a clip, and these one of a kind heirloom hair clips was done in about 30 minutes from start. 

Materials used:
Prima Flower Aria A-561963

other materials:
Hot glue

Have a really nice day!

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